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what to expect from 2017

credit: TUMBLR

While we don’t really know what to expect from the new year on the political an economic realm other than the unexpected, we bet and very much hope 2017 is going to be a terrific year when it comes to the arts, fashion, culture and aesthetics as a whole. We can actually appreciate some dynamics than in our belief are going define the next twelve months and which we strongly recommend you to pay attention to so you don’t miss out:

Back to 2000s
The nineties are definitely so passé. The growth of the internet and globalization are the new imaginaries to take inspiration from. Get rid of your ‘Calvins’ and remember instead the golden days of Tom Ford-era Gucci. For an edgy approach, investigate Y2K aesthetics or celebrate corporate and retail visual identities as seen in brands like D.TT.K , Nasir Mazhar o Mariakefisherman.

Girls’ music scene
This year women will be taking the control of the music arena with danceable, up-tempo beats paired with bold, crystal-clear vocals. Chela and Shura are becoming increasingly notorious alongside Femme, who we interviewed last November.

Snow white
It will simply be the color of the year. Specially when worn head-to-toe offering a touch of understated luxury with a contemporary feel. Cosmetic hues, light greys and powder-blush tones might also define 2017’s palette.

Relaxed Zen
Purity and timeless in essence with a pared-back aesthetic, simple silhouettes for a chic urban appeal under a Japanese influence. The calm graceful and elegant serenity in pure minimalism will make its way not only in fashion but complete lifestyle.

Healthy Chic
You might have already seen some cool kids dressing in monochrome sportswear, mixing basic pieces off the racks at Decathlon or SportsDirect. They’re called sport angels and the made-up word Healthy Chic sums up their philosophy. Extreme cleanliness, rendered environments, bionic bodies and combat gear complete the roots of a culture worshiping body and mental wellness.

Sporty doesn’t belong to Alexander Wang anymore. A new wave of space-age fashionistas is getting interested in sports jerseys, mesh inserts, wet-look fabrics, Perspex accessories that all help create a sci-fi feel. Nike and Adidas are great places to start, with premium lines like Porsche Design or Y-3 becoming kind of ‘fetish’. However, soon you’ll find yourself purchasing from Under Armour or The North Face.