January 18, 2016  —  by

Space Apparel by Y-3

credit: Design Boom

Y-3 announced a space-apparel partnership with Virigin Galactic to push the boundaries of possibility and pioneer a fresh way of space flying. underpinned by a shared approach to design and innovate, the apparel system is designated for the beginning of commercial space flight.

The prototype pilot flight-suit and boot was unveiled at spaceport america in new mexico, home to Virgin Galactic’s gateway to space terminal. the Y-3 design team, headed by Lawrence Midwood, has paired the adidas brand’s technical expertise and Y-3’s directional approach to style with the use of advanced fabrics, special techniques and custom specifications to ensure fit, comfort and performance. These flight-suits are being designed to fully support a pilot’s natural seating position as identified through a series of tests and trials with the virgin galactic pilot corps. Material engineering is key, as the flight-suit has been constructed from ‘Nomex meta aramid’ materials through a 3D engineered pattern.