September 1, 2014  —  by

Selling out is punk

credit: United Academics / Nono Magazine / NowFashion

Punk is associated with leather jackets, boots, ripped jeans, and infinite customization, something that fits perfectly well with mainstream fashion. However, punk is defined by an anti-establishment attitude of unrelenting individualism. Punk is the ultimate counterpoint to tradition. It’s somewhat of an irony that punk is so present on runways.

From Raf Simons and Vivienne Westwood to Undercover and Kokon to Zai, punk has a distinctive and deserved place at fashion weeks. Punk has changed a lot, and is a very large umbrella, but some styles and attitudes are pervasive. It’s hard to imagine Johnny Rotten or Jim Reid in Raf Simons, but there’s no denying the influence of them on the concept of luxe-punk, but there will always be the debate whether runways are a good home for punk, or if the lyrics of Jesus and Mary Chain emblazoned on an Undercover jacket are an ironic epitaph to a victim of revivalist nostalgia.