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Real Time

credit: artsantamonica.cat

Curated by Pau Waelder, Real Time. Art in Real Time presents a selection of contemporary works of art in which the concept of “real time” has a key role, whether by questioning the relativity of time, using data taken from the Internet in real time or seeking to create a current picture, “realistic” and always changing with the times we live in. Some of the works selected draw information that appears constantly in the media, while others pull data from various sources, establish a production process in real time or propose a questioning of our way of measuring time and relating to the present. The technologies we use in our daily lives have a central role in these pieces, leading to reflection on time in an area that is very close to the spectator, who in some cases can interact with the work and in others does so unknowingly.

28.01 – 10.04.2016
Arts Santa Monica