July 13, 2015  —  by

Panteros666 feat Woodkid – Clear

credit: The Creators Project

Panteros666‘s new video for his song “Clear,” feat. Woodkid is like a trip into the New Aesthetic utopia we’ve all just been trying to move to. Panteros666 co-directed the video with Ines Marzat, who also animated the musician’s slick “Hyper Reality” video. “Clear,” from a titular EP released last friday on iTunes via Bromance Records, diverts from “Hyper Reality’s” net-heavy, literalist use of digital content and moves into a surreal, futuristic wasteland of moving statues and stingrays swimming through a lavender sky. The idea behind Panteros666 and Marzat’s collaboration is to explore the boundaries of what’s real and what is virtual reality, and Panteros666 says, “the track has a feeling of freedom and escapism that is much needed nowadays.”