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Models, the new digital muses

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A fresh selection of buzzworthy digital muses building online followings across social media platforms. In the current cultural landscape, models are becoming the new It girls dominating over bloggers and celebrities.

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1. Fernand Hin Lin Ly 

Instagram: @warukatta

Followers: 55,3K

Brief: Fernanda is an internet-made star after walking the Louis Vuitton show earlier this year, Fernanda is completing an architecture degree (on hold while she models) as her interests lay in set design. The Australian model has garnered attention from her statement candy-pink locks and uses her Instagram to share close-up selfies and a love of Japanese style.

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2. Sonia Ben Ammar

Instagram: @itsnotsonia

Followers: 81,8K

Brief: Sonia is more rebellious, 1990-inspired version of a Brandy Melville girl with basic dressing top of mind. Her signature looks feature high-waisted skirts or denim shorts, a crop top, and a tattoo choker.

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3. Emily Bador

Instagram: @darth_bador

Followers: 36,9K

Brief:  Emily uses her Instagram as a plaftorm for authenticity, she is vocal about issues such as feminism, diversity in the fashion industry, and the demonisation of the working class.

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4. Ellen Sheidlin

Instagram: @sheidlina

Followers: 463K

Brief: This Insta-famous model got her start on Tumblr, expressing a quirky and trendsetting aesthetic which was re-blog ready.