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#MFW highlights

credit: vogue runway


For the presentation, the Prada headquarters in Milan were transformed into a golden room with fiberglass and polycarbonate fixtures hanging from the ceiling.


Guests were gifted Moschino’s new phone case, a blue spray bottle shape reading “Moschino Fresh Couture.”


The show was a celebration of layering at all its possible forms, with evident 70’s vibes. ‘’Movement, fluidity, but very architectural’’ said Consuelo Castiglioni.

Dolce & Gabbana

Models took selfies on the runway. The images were then immediately projected onto a screen, and shared on the brand’s Instagram, for all to see.

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Roberto Cavalli

Peter Dundas went full ’80s with his Roberto Cavalli debut. The designer looked to the decade of excess and sex appeal.

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Philippe Plein

The italian brand included Courtney Love and giant robots at their Spring show.

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Donatella Versace’s soundtrack this season was a dance beat with a spoken-word track that kicked off with the proclamation: “This song is dedicated to women everywhere regardless of color, religion, sexuality, or what sex they were born with.”

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Riccardo Tisci and his team did the same party in Milano that they did in New York a few weeks ago in order to celebrate Givenchy’s new collection.

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