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Le Déserteur by Synesthesia EXP

credit: Synesthesia.EXP

French studio based between Paris and Copenhagen Synesthesia EXP, connecting arts & literature with new technology, wanted to question back, twenty years later “Can a machine be a work of art with feelings?” which Mamoru Oshii triggered  in 1995. Hence, they developed le déserteur as an art installation fuelled by desire and responsive to emotions, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise (Box in a suitcase) and Scott Snibbe’s app Biophilia

It is the first native exhibition on iPad, available on the App Store. Its mission is to provide the experience of being at an art and literature exhibition on an iPad, and whilst there are similar apps out there (Warhol Unlimited and Olafur Eliasson), this is the first time an app is created and designed exclusively for the iPad, not as an adaptation of an already existing exhibition. The app consists of two consecutive exhibition rooms: “Anonymous bodies” and “Labyrinths”. le déserteur questions the role of the anonymous bodies in the cathartic act of desertion leading to the endless and protean quest for identity amid the labyrinth of life.

Furthermore, le déserteur -the deserter- will keep its promises. It will be available 365 days on the App Store before deserting. During this year, le déserteur will also materialise IRL pop-up exhibitions.