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Best of The Wrong biennale

credit: postmatter

For the first time since its debut event in 2013, the international digital art biennale The Wrong (again) returns; and like it’s host, the internet, it is colossal. Created by over 90 curators, 1000 artists, 50 online ‘pavilions’ and 40 offline ‘embassies’ all over the world, The Wrong ambitiously defines itself as “the most comprehensive art biennale worldwide today”. With unlimited space, entirely free content, 24/7 availability, invitations to artists from every corner of the globe and total freedom for curators, the 3-month long event is not only architecturally limitless but refreshingly inclusive.


Exploring the intersection between architecture and sound art is the downloadable virtual pavilion designed by video artist and digital architect Lawrence Lek. Using 3D video game software, Lek has created a navigable digital space that responds to the atmosphere and the frequency of 10 audio pieces produced by 10 different artists. The visitor, caught between the bars of the pavilion half-submerged in a sea, circles a floating orb-like cage that throbs and shivers in reaction to the audio, forming an audio-visual experience that includes the viewer in a virtual harmony of sound and architecture.

9k=-1The New Flesh

“What happens to the human body when it is reflected in the black mirror of digital space?” ask the curators of VIVO Media Arts Center’s The New Flesh. How is the human body absorbed into 1’s and 0’s and what is flesh through a computer screen? Following on from Flesh and Structure, an online pavilion in The Wrong’s 2013 biennale, their 2015 contribution continues to tackle issues of embodiment in a techno-progressive age.

Z-1Pavilion of Comrades

As The Wrong’s first China-based pavilion, Intelligentsia Gallery presents an IRL embassy alongside its online site that reflects on identity politics in the age of digital exchange of information. “Identity politics and the iconography of structures of power are two ubiquitous conditions of the contemporary,” they acknowledge. Looking beyond the limits of physicality and matter, this is a group exhibition featuring Pussykrew, Oliver Haidutschek and Beata Wilczek that presents video, installation and objects and follows Boris Groys’ questions on the contemporary, in turn looking to challenge notions of art creation, curation, and diffusion.


Featuring MSHR (Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper), DiMoDa, Karl Altman and many more, Uncurated is a both a digital pavilion and an IRL embassy based in Mexico City, and an environment of hybridity. Focused on speculative virtual environments, the embassy looks to understand how curating takes place within them. The pavilion, in which we as viewers are invited to enter and explore, is a computer mainframe whose four corridors lead to four 3D unearthly environments; ‘Bios’, ‘Tecnos’, ‘Logos’ and ‘Gnosis’. Each display the work of artists, galleries, scientists, programmers and organisations from across Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the internet, all of whom are associated with the dissemination and disruption of aesthetic knowledge that blends digital and non-digital methods.

We’ve rounded-up five of our favourite spaces, but why not take the virtual tour of the entire event and choose yours? For more information on The Wrong (again), click here