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Åzone Futures Market

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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum launches its first online exhibition, Åzone Futures Market, a web-based simulated stock market that explores the potential effects of a world increasingly shaped by emerging technologies.

Audiences can access Åzone Futures Market online and can visit and engage with Åzone Terminal, a physical installation featuring interactive visualizations of the marketplace in the Seaport Culture District, a vibrant new cultural hub in Lower Manhattan. Experimental in spirit and design, Åzone Futures Market invites audiences to learn about and take a position on technology-enabled futures that until recently were confined to prototypes or science fiction. Market participants receive 10,000 cåin (Å), the Åzone currency, to invest in futures on the similared market conditioned by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, commercialized space travel, and genetic manipulation. Dynamic pricing based on supply and demand, crowd-sourced news feeds, and visual trend analyses provides users with the real-time information needed to make investment decisions.

Online Exhibition:
Installation: Åzone Terminal
Venue: 181 Front Street, between Fulton and John Streets at the Seaport Culture