March 18, 2015  —  by

Analia Saban: Interiors @ Sprüth Magers London

credit: The artist and Sprüth Magers

Argentinean-born artist Analia Saban has been praised for her playful approach that carves open and confuses the traditional conventions of photography, painting and sculpture. Interiors, her third exhibition with Sprüth Magers and first in their London gallery, prompts and evokes a variety of ideas about how both genre and media affect our perception of different artworks (and vice versa).

Using the component parts of her media as her subject matter, Saban constructs a comparison between the conventions that comprise various genres and the presentation of these characteristics in the ‘interior’ of individual artworks. Saban discovers an inner life in each artwork, constituted in part by the conventions of materials and genre. She simultaneously converses with and fights against the materiality of each piece of work, rendering them hard-won depictions of that very process.

Analia Saban’s Interiors is on display at Spüeth Magers London until 28th March 2015.