February 10, 2016  —  by

A Day at Home with Rick Owens

credit: Ben Roazen / HYPEBEAST

American designer Rick Owens expatriated to France 14 years ago to build a reclusive empire in Paris’ Seventh Arondissement with his wife Michele Lamy.

Barneys’ editorial vertical The Window recently caught up with the man in black for a silent documentary (filmed in black-and-white, naturally) that gives a rare glimpse into the day-to-day operations of fashion’s Crown Prince of Darkness. Owens’ apartment is stark, filled with objects and furniture of his own design, and the couple’s adorable kitten, Gaia. Owens is filmed making alterations to garments himself, poring over outfit shots, and video-calling with colleagues and cohorts. He and Lamy share a meal and quiet smiles. Dare we say it, but the documentary is almost cute. Read on below for Owens’ quotes on his wife’s bullshit detector, whether he considers himself a conceptual designer, and more. Click through to The Window to read the full conversation.