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5 new menswear brands to watch this year

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1. Curieux

Channeling the spirit of Dior and Chanel, Curieux’s “The Ride” first collection appeals to the modern man who values timeless style over trends and fads. Sticking to a spartan color palette, the brand serves up a selection of chic garments that add a cozy edge to timeless chic; think leather bikers paired with loose wool trousers and knitted cardigans.

2. Nosomnia

Hailing from Copenhagen, Nosomnia‘s Fall/Winter 2015 collection adds unorthodox layering, oversized buttons and graphic iconography to what would normally be minimalist menswear basics, for an innovative take on their nation’s legendary clothing heritage.

3. Brackman

London designer George Alvin’s BRACK-MAN label mixes innovative fabrications with utilitarian sensibilities, as oversized workwear-inspired pieces are outfitted with bizarre textiles and oversized zippers.

4. Nebel Studios

Drapey silhouettes, abstract detailing and a contemporary color palette are order of the day from Hamburg-based label NEBEL Studios. The brand’s unisex Spring/Summer 2016 collection takes Scandinavian influences and adds playful elements like oversized pockets and deconstructed collars for those wanting to add an adventurous element to their wardrobe without resorting to flashy statement pieces.

5. Youth Machine

Youth Machine‘s Fall 2015 lineup injects contemporary streetwear pieces with irreverently plagiarized graphics, in a sly nod to the post-Tumblr generation’s internet addiction. Expect a highly wearable grip of contemporary streetwear infused with a gratuitous dose of side-zips when it drops later in the year.