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4 Zero Gender Brands To Know

credit: WGSN

The idea of unisex is not new, and in Nombre we talked a lot of it. Neither is gender subversion or the decoding of traditional binary codes. Nevertheless, these concepts have become much-discussed buzzwords with young millenials. The idea surrounding personal identity are a big deal, as are acceptance and unity. We’ve selected 4 of the best zero gender brands. Here we go!

Shan Huq

As a part of the growing crew of New York City’s subversive design talent, 20-year-old Shan Huq presented his first collection last season to critical acclaim from cool-kid editors and press worldwide. Banality is a central theme, as is simplicity. The range explores ‘the idea of essentials…essentials of wardrobes, your mind, and sexuality’.

Vejas Kruszewski

Gender-fluid campaigns, hotly tipped presentations and covetable collections that teeter on the rebellious act as building blocks for buzzy brand Vejas. Eighteen-year-old Vejas Kruszewski sits at the helm, and draws on his close-knit circle of cool friends such as Hari Nef and stylist Marcus Cuffie to help bring his designs to the fore.

Moses Gauntlett Cheng

Rising design trio Moses Gauntlett Cheng is making waves far beyond the Williamsburg warehouse loft that doubles as their studio. The aesthetic has a tender handwriting, with a homespun quality that merges youthful nostalgia with a touch of edginess


Streetwear label NattoFranco joins the ranks of cool youth-driven Parisian labels such as Vetements, Jacquemus and David Julien as a burgeoning one to watch. Young designer Noemie Aiko Sebayashi takes inspiration from her Japanese roots, cleverly inserting touches of cultural fusion to her comfort-driven pieces and collections.